Living with Epilepsy Webinar Series

Looking for advice and stories from experts and people living with epilepsy? We’ve brought together some of the brightest minds for the Living with Epilepsy webinar series, releasing each Monday at 2.30pm over Summer. We’ll be covering topics like pregnancy, education, self-management and more.

Webinar 1, March 26: Epilepsy Safety and Self-Management with Professor Mark Cook

Webinar 2, April 26: Epilepsy and Pregnancy with Emma Gaffy

Webinar 3, December 21: Epilepsy Management Plans and Seizure First Aid with Rheana Nation and Margaret Jarvis

Webinar 4, December 28: Practical Memory Stragies with Ben and Allison Wilson-Powell

Webinar 5, January 4: Epilepsy and Self-Confidence with Scarlett Paige

Webinar 6, January 11: Memory with Honor Coleman

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